Saturday, 11 January 2014


So what with it being January and raining and all I got kinda bored and so *drum roll* I decided to do up my room.Fashion isn't just about clothes right?I was really pleased with the results so I thought I'd share them with you guys!
So first I painted all the walls white and then painted one of the walls this bluey-greeney colour called "malibu beach" from B&Q. It's only available in selected stores but if you save the picture to your phone and bring it into your local hardware store they'll mix it for you. If you want a girlier look you could go for a bold pink.

Then I put these really cool shelves from argos on the painted wall.They're extendable so you can have them at whatever length you want.

I bought two really cute canvas prints,this pencil heart from (search for colour my heart by vava fuller quinn) and this Parisien Eiffel tower print from Penneys.
My old bed was kind of busted so I went all out (well my mam did..:/) and got this white cabin bed from Argos.

But after all the duvet makes the bed right?So I got this really cute duvet with pink bows (Again from Argos)

I found some really great storage ideas online like this metal bucket turntable from howards storage world.
I also got these vintage storage jars from to keep my clips and stuff in.I think they're about £1 (So they're super cheap AND super cute)

I got these really cute retro tins from .Anyone who knows me knows I'm way too obsessed with these and have way too many but these ones are my favourites so far.
I found tutorials for these really cute owl cushions and daisy wall art on the youtube channel DazzleDIY. I'll see if I can get permission to post the tutorials here but they were really easy to make and turned out really well.

Also I went kind off mad a covered the whole place with fairy lights too! I'll be finishing the room tomorrow so I'll do another post if I find some more cool stuff to put in it!I hope you liked it and got loads of cool ideas to brighten up your room!
Be young,have fun,drink lemonade!
Claddagh Xx

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  1. I really really loved this post and your blog always makes me smile! Thank you so much for responding to my emails, you were so nice and so few people are nowadays and for that I'm nominating you for the versatile blogger award AND the liebster award!!