Monday, 7 April 2014

#BloggersDoItBetter First Post #BloggersDoSpringBetter

#BloggersDoItBetter is a project started by Gemma Louise over at Basically the idea is that a load of bloggers blog about the same thing on the same day. I'm kinda nervous about this as it's the first post and I honestly have no idea what kind of posts Gemma Louise is hoping for.The topic is #bloggersdospringbetter which is pretty awesome. So here goes....

Spring is my second favourite season (after summer!) because for me it's like the world comes alive. Not just the general world but the fashion and beauty world aswell. I'm one of those people that breaks out the pastels and florals as soon as I can get away with it. I've decided to break this post into four parts: spring fashion,spring beauty, spring nails and spring love.

1) Spring Fashion: Spring is possibly my favourite fashion season. I love pastels, florals and bright colours so much so here are some of my favourite things to wear during the spring:

Pastels Jeans: I love the soft delicate colour of these jeans. My favourite pair of pastel jeans are lemon yellow ones I bought in Penneys recently. I think they were €10 so if you haven't got them yet,go! They are a necessity as they go with EVERYTHING!

Neon shoes and bags: I love bright colours but sometimes they can be in your face and hard to wear. But you can never go wrong with brightly coloured shoes and bags. They can give even the most simple of outfits the "wow" factor and they'll turn heads, but in a good way!
I love the way these shoes incorporate four different neon colours and still look amazing!

A neon clutch is the perfect way to brighten up any outfit.
I am completely obsessed with Dr.Martens and these brightly coloured pairs are by far my favourites. Not only do they look awesome they're also extremely pratical aswell!

Floral dresses: I love wearing floral dresses so much! They're both sophisticated and girly and they look great teamed with Dr.Martens and a large floppy hat!
2)Spring Beauty: Spring is great makeup wise because it gives you a chance to ditch the heavy matt makeup of winter and try something more natural.Here are some of the spring makeup trends that I've been loving:
Colourful Lipstick: Brightly coloured lipstick was all over the spring catwalks this year with orange lipstick perhaps the most prominent. While I do understand that orange lipstick is never going to be everyones cup of tea there's something about it that I love. That being said, my favourite lipstick colour this spring has to be raspberry!
Blue Eyeshadow: Blue eyeshadow is bang on trend right now. It works with every eye colour but especially compliments brown. It's a great colour and it goes with almost any look!

3)Spring Nail Polish: Nail polish is probably one of my biggest addictions. Unfortunately I'm not one of those people that are amazing at nail art but luckily one of my best friends is. These are some of our favourite nail trends for spring 2014. They incorporate pastels,neons and flowers!Yay!

4)Spring Love: This is pretty much just the things I love about spring!
2)The smell of cut grass.
3)Being able to leave the windows open all day.
4)The sun setting later.
5)Fresh lemonade.
6)The feeling of knowing that summers just around the corner.
8)Fresh Fruit .  
10)Spring Showers.

I hope you enjoyed this post!Comment and let me know what are your favourite things about Spring!It would make my day if you followed me on bloglovin (button in the sidebar) and twitter ( ). I will be doing a giveaway when I reach 20 followers! I'm also setting up a youtube channel because some of you requested it on twitter so I will keep you all posted on that! Happy Monday!
Be Young,Have Fun,Drink Lemonade! Xx                                                              


  1. great post hun! I am loving pastel colours at the moment too!

    Gemma xxx

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